It has been one year since Peter Kuhlmann passed away.

Over the last year I’ve been rediscovering much from the man’s legacy. One thing was a mix he did for the German ‘HR Clubnight’ Radio Program.

I don’t have the full details at hand but i believe this was broadcast around the early 2000’s

I couldn’t find a reliable link to the mix online anywhere that wasn’t crawling with banner ads so i’ve reposted it here for all to Enjoy.

Download the mix here



The Tracklisting:

Bernard Herrmann – Theme From Taxi Driver [Arista]
Wendy Carlos – The Well Tempered Synthesizer [CBS]
Can – Smoke [Spoon]
Can – Oh Yeah [Spoon]
Can – Future Days [Spoon]
Can – Spoon [Spoon]
Santana – Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation [CBS]
Pink Floyd – One Of These Days [EMI]
Jon Hassell – Power Spot [ECM]
Neu – Seeland [EMI]
Kraan – Silky Way [Fünfundvierzig]
David Torn – 3 Minutes Of Pure Entertainment [ECM]
Martin Bättcher – Liebesthema Aus Winnetou [Teldec]
Collin Walcott – Cloud Dance [ECM]
Eberhard Weber – Visible Thoughts [ECM]
Jan Gabarek – The Path [ECM]
Miles Davis – Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 3) [Fontana]
Passport – Fairy Tale [Atlantic]
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon Pt. 1 [Virgin]
Tangerine Dream – Ricochet Pt. 1 [Virgin]
Debussy – Prélude L’Aprés-midi D’un Faune (London Symphony Orchestra) [EMI]
Silence – Omid/Hope [Fax +49-69/450464]
Air – Clearing Your Head [Fax +49-69/450464]
Escape – Trip From Mars [Fax +49-69/450464]
Pete Namlook/Hubertus Held – Missing You [Fax +49-69/450464]
Sequential – Sequenchill [Fax +49-69/450464]
Psychonavigation – Telepathy II [Fax +49-69/450464]
Coeur Atomique – Tuff Transmitter [Fax +49-69/450464]
Namlook – Noise Atoms [Fax +49-69/450464]
Syn – Ancient History [Fax +49-69/450464]
The Higher Intelligence Agency/Pete Namlook – Begend [Fax +49-69/450464]
Jet Chamber – Clearing Your Head [Fax +49-69/450464]
Syn – The Flight [Fax +49-69/450464]
Virtual Vices – We Don’t Mind The Rain [Fax +49-69/450464]
The Irresistible Force – Flying High [Rising High]
Namlook – Noise Atoms [Fax +49-69/450464]
Syn – The Flight [Extra] [Fax +49-69/450464]
Biosphere – Tranquilizer [Apollo]
Namlook – Free Your Mind [Fax +49-69/450464]
Dreamfish – Fishology [Fax +49-69/450464]
Air – Elle A Du Shell [Fax +49-69/450464]
From Within – Silent Intelligence Pt. 5 [Fax +49-69/450464]